The South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance (SONA) is pleased to serve as financial agent for Neighborhood Associations and other SONA member groups who do not have IRS nonprofit status. Below are our policy guidelines that we hope are helpful to you in completing your request for this service.  SONA wants to help member groups, within the limitations of our volunteer time availability. Our policy requirements are:

  1. A requesting organization must submit a case statement, outlining the details of the project, to SONA. Details will include a project description, timeline and budget.
  1. Your group will need to collect all money, along with a detailed list of donors and their donations. All collected money and the complete donor list is then turned in to the SONA treasurer, or an appointed representative, for deposit.
  1. SONA will disburse your funds, to pay the project costs, up to the amount in your account, less administrative fees. Copies of invoices will be needed with all details for payment to be sent.
  1. An administrative fee of up to 5% of the project cost, managed by SONA, will be assessed by, and paid to, SONA. The amount will be determined from the budget submitted with the project case statement and the level of work required. These fees will pay for the administration, postage, letters and other requirements of the IRS.
  1. A contract for the project administration, between SONA and the Project Neighborhood Association or member, must be completed prior to commencement of the project.