The growing dislike for the weekly ads called “Food Express”, delivered to your lawn by the Omaha World Herald, is growing. Neighbors have asked how to stop receiving the paper.  Here is the latest information we have.  Also we know Councilman Jerram is working a group of concerned citizens and the OWH to resolve the issue long term.

My name is Dennis Cronin and I’m the Circulation Director for the Omaha World-Herald.  One of my responsibilities is ensuring accurate, consistent delivery of our Food Express, a weekly publication that contains food related news and advertising inserts from numerous local businesses.  Food Express is delivered every Tuesday/Wednesday to residents in Douglas and Sarpy counties.

Due to some customer feedback, we recently conducted a thorough analysis of our Food Express delivery.  The results of that study indicated that our Food Express isa popular publication.  Overall, our distribution was meeting the high standards we’ve established for the publication.  However, the study also alerted us to some isolated areas where our delivery was not up to these standards, specifically with unwanted deliveries at some addresses.  One of the purposes of my email to you today is to let you know we are committed to doing whatever we need to do to fix these isolated instances.  Over just the last few weeks we have added staff and contracted with additional delivery personnel and assigned them to the areas we found the delivery issues.  We will continue to monitor our progress and implement additional measures as needed.

The other purpose for my email is to ask for your help in getting this message to your neighbors.  If they experience any delivery related issue with the Food Express, we want to know about it.  If they have attempted to get a Food Express delivery issue addressed in the past and they were not satisfied with the results, we definitely want to hear from them.  

If you or any of your neighbors have any delivery issues- and that goes for our Food Express or the World-Herald- please ask them to call Kevin O’Neil, our home delivery manager, at 402-444-1491, or email Kevin.O’  or myself at 402-444-1482 or email

A representative of the World-Herald will check in periodically to see how we’re doing in your neighborhood.  In the meantime, if you or your neighbors have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at any time.

Thanks in advance for your help-

Dennis Cronin
Director of Circulation
402-444-1482 – Office
402-444-1305 – Fax