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Contact:  Weston Thomson, Interim Executive Director

Fire Station 31 Mural Reception
Mural completed by The Kent Bellows Studio young artists and mentors.
WHAT: Reception for the Fire Station Mural created by The Kent Bellows Studio young artists and mentors.
WHEN: Tuesday, October 15th at 5-7pm
WHERE: Fire Station 31, 4702 South 25th Street, Omaha, NE 68107

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Mural artists will be in attendance to discuss their process and experience working on the mural. The mural reception will also include live aerosol art demonstrations and a presentation about the history of Omaha fire fighting. Contact Weston Thomson at 402 505 7161 or for more information. 

Omaha, Nebr. – The Kent Bellows Studio invites you to the Fire Station #21 Mural reception on Tuesday, October 15th from 5-7pm located at 4702 South 25th Street near El Museo Latino. Funded by Humanities Nebraska and the City of Omaha Public Works, a group of three teenage artists and a mentor set out to create a mural that integrated Omaha fire fighting history, Fire Station 31, and their own artistic vision. Under mentor guidance, the young artists explored Fire Station 31, interviewed various fire fighters, and met with a fire department historian. After weeks of aerosol practice and through peer-collaboration, the urban arts group created a design incorporating both their own creative voices and the content inspired from their research.

“This unique mural project focuses on the intersection between community murals, street art, public space and local history through the collaborative efforts of professional artist mentors, youth at risk of graffiti vandalism, the City of Omaha and the Omaha Fire Department. All parties involved feel a sense of ownership of or connection to public space – whether it’s used for expression and communication, historic preservation, commuting, or protection and safety – and this common interest sparked our project” said Weston Thomson, Interim Executive Director. “We wanted this mural to be appreciated on many different levels including historical significance, urban art expression, and fire fighting symbolism.”


About The Kent Bellows Studio

Founded in 2007, The Kent Bellows Studio & Center for Visual Arts (www.kentbellows.orgserves young people in our community, helping them discover their creative voice by providing mentorship with professional artists. Our mentoring programs for high school-age artists harmonize the freedom to create with the guidance of professional mentors to deliver hands-on art experiences that inspire well-being, creative thinking and action.

It is our honor and privilege to live out Kent Bellows’ incredible legacy of artistic creativity and mentorship. Kent was an Omaha-based artist and is recognized as one of the greatest masters of American Realism. Beyond his artwork, Kent is admired and remembered for his dedication to mentoring other artists and drawing out their own individual creative power.  For more information, visit

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