United Neighborhood Alliances of Omaha and Bank of the West

2013 Neighborhood Improvement Grants

Bank of the West Neighborhood Grant Program application

The United Neighborhood Alliances of Omaha, in partnership with Bank of the West, are pleased to announce the 2013 Neighborhood Improvement Grant program. The goal is to support neighborhood stabilization and improvement projects that help attract and retain businesses and residents in low- to moderate-income Omaha neighborhoods currently served by a Bank of the West branch.

A total of three $2,500 grants will be awarded, one to each of the following three neighborhood alliances and a partnering neighborhood association: the Benson-Ames Alliance (B-AA), the Midtown Neighborhood Alliance (MNA) and the South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance (SONA).

Eligible Applicants


Bank of the West will award a grant to each of the three alliances (B-AA, MNA and SONA), who will in-turn award funding to a partnering neighborhood association for project implementation. Each neighborhood alliance is responsible for soliciting project proposals from the neighborhood associations within their respective alliance areas.

Scope of Work

Projects must meet the following criteria to be eligible for funding:

  • Projects must take place within specified boundaries of each neighborhood alliance (see below)
  • Projects must fall within one of the following two categories:
    • those that target residential blocks for housing improvements, infrastructure or quality of life improvements; and
    • those that target business corridor for public space improvements.
    • Project proposals for celebrations or events will not be considered.
    • Projects must be completed by November 30, 2013.
    • Projects must be completed by an Omaha Neighborhood Alliance in partnership with a neighborhood association.
      • In the event that an applicant represents an area where an active Neighborhood Association no longer exists, applicant must show how this project will make an advancing step towards reviving a neighborhood association to serve their area.

Below are the eligible project boundaries, and contact information for the three partnering neighborhood alliances.

Benson-Ames Alliance
Eligible Project boundaries:
Bordered by Radial Highway/Maple Street on the south, Sorensen Parkway on the north, Saddle Creek Road/Fontenelle Boulevard on the east and 72nd Street on the west.

Contact: Liz Moldenhauer, 402.880.4664 or elizabeth.moldenhauer@gmail.com

Midtown Neighborhood Alliance
Eligible Project boundaries:
28-42, Western – I80 (north of dodge we can go as far west at 52nd)
Diana Failla, 402.651.5779 or dianafailla@cox.net

South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance
Eligible Project boundaries:
Bordered by the river on the east, 42nd on the west, Dodge on the north and Harrison on the south

Contact: Mike Battershell, 402.871.5200 or mike@bergmanincentives.com


All proposals are due to the presidents or co-chairs of their respective alliances by Friday, Sept. 20.  The three neighborhood projects selected for funding will be announced Monday, Sept. 30.