Dorothy Patach is a native of Omaha, Nebraska. She has
spent her life and career practicing and teaching nursing, and
advancing the nursing profession.
Dorothy received her nursing diploma at the University of
Nebraska in Lincoln in 1944, and went on to earn a Bachelor of
Science in Nutrition and a Master of Science in Nursing
Education from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. During
her diverse career, Dorothy worked at Jenny Edmundson
Hospital School of Nursing, Clarkson Hospital, and the
University of Nebraska Medical Center. Working in the
operating room, Dorothy accumulated many unique

In the mid-1950s, Dorothy developed surgical drapes for new
procedures that were later made into pre-packaged sterile plastic drapes by the Minnesota Mining Company. She assisted with
the testing of Formula 99, a liquid soap, which in bar form later became “Dial Soap.” She was part of a team that modernized the
old Clarkson Hospital operating room which went on to receive the “Hospital of the Year Award.” When asked what motivates
her, Dorothy says, “I was raised to serve mankind and keep my community healthy and safe. In nursing, you work to meet the
medical, physical, and emotional needs of your patients, which is truly rewarding.”
Dorothy’s service to the nursing profession is vast and comprehensive. Among the many professional organizations she has been
involved with, Dorothy has served in leadership roles in the Nebraska State Nurses’ Association, the District 2 Nurses’ Association,
the National League of Nursing, the Nebraska League of Nursing, and in every office on the UNMC College of Nursing Alumni
Association Board of Directors. She continues to volunteer at UNMC, including in the Alumni Relations Office.
Dorothy has been involved with community and neighborhood betterment since 1945. She is involved with countless South
Omaha community groups, including the South Omaha Neighborhood Alliance, the South Omaha Business Association, and the
South Omaha Community Care Council, among many others.
In 2001, the Omaha City Council passed a resolution that designated a parcel of public property to be named the “Dorothy
Patach Natural Environmental Area.” This was in honor of her commitment and activism on behalf of neighborhoods, civic
organizations, the environment and public health. In her free time, Dorothy enjoys gardening and yard work, sewing
and hand crafts, non-fiction reading, home repair, and working to improve her community!

Dorothy Patach Spirit of Service Award pdf