What a great meeting this past week!  Thanks to everyone for being patient as we transition into the new space at the South Omaha Library.  I wanted to follow up quickly with some key information from our meeting. Thanks for your efforts in South Omaha and please let me know how to strengthen them.

1.  SONA is hosting a fall clean-up, similar to the spring clean-ups but a limited number of sites.  I have attached the flyer with information and we hope to have a great turnout to help clean the neighborhoods of bulky items.  As a reminder, SONA is willing to pay neighborhood associations $50 for placement of this flyer in your newslettters and email distribution.  We will need an invoice and proof of placement at the October meeting to cut a check to your neighborhood.  We want you telling neighbors, we want you helping spread the word.  Please share widely and fill your coffers at the same time!
2. SONA is proud to be partnering with Metro Community College to create a new historical marker for the people of South Omaha.  This beautiful monument will be dedicated on October 11.  Please see the attached save the date flyer.  We hope you will join us for this important celebration of the hard-working people of South Omaha.
3.  LOCAL Campaign spoke to us and we ask you to discuss their proposal with your neighborhoods.  It passed the Planning Board this week and will be making its way before City Council in the coming weeks.  You can review the proposal here:  http://www.thelocalcampaign.com/draft-ordinance-june-2012/
4.  We are looking for committee members to do two things over the winter. First, help develop a protocol for providing micro-grants to neighborhoods to spur exciting revitalization efforts. Secondly, we are looking for neighbors who want to help create quick-reference sheets for implementation of neighborhood building activities. We need your knowledge!  We want to create quick reference sheets so new residents know how to host block parties, apply for traffic calming, obtain graffiti kits/abate graffiti etc.  To accomplish these winter goals we need volunteers to serve on the task force.  Please recruit from your neighborhood and bring them to the October 4 meeting.
You are all blessings to your blocks and our community.  I appreciate being able to work along side you and look forward to a productive fall.
Mike Battershell