City to Add Shared Use and Bike Lanes on Leavenworth Street
Effort will Increase Safety and Visibility

July 13, 2012- In an effort to expand multimodal travel options in Omaha, the City will be improving conditions along Leavenworth Street from 31st Street to 13th Street with dedicated bicycle and shared use lanes. This project will rebalance the street and provide better road safety for all users whether they choose to drive, ride a bicycle, or walk. The Leavenworth project aims to connect downtown Omaha with densely populated areas in Midtown Omaha and begin to address the lack of east/west connections.

Converting Leavenworth Street will involve reconfiguring the three travel lanes in order to provide a parking lane, improve visibility, and add a bicycle lane. Leavenworth Street currently has three one-way vehicular travel lanes running eastbound between 31st Street and 13th Street. The traffic volume in this segment does not justify the need for three vehicular travel lanes. Beginning Friday, July 27, 2012 and continuing through Sunday, July 29, 2012, there will be various lane and parking restrictions throughout the corridor as crews remove the existing striping and install new striping for two vehicular travel lanes, a buffered bicycle lane and traffic signs. These improvements will serve to match the street by the Urban Village project and allow people to choose alternate transportation options.

Project Benefits:

• Deters speeding which provides better safety for all road users
• Provides dedicated space for vehicles to park on Leavenworth Street
• Better visibility for motorists exiting driveways or turning onto Leavenworth Street
• Maximizes the roadway to move the same number of people if not more
• Improved pedestrian visibility crossing Leavenworth Street
• Dedicated space for bicycles on Leavenworth Street
• Encourages more bicycling and walking in Omaha
• Businesses can benefit from increased customer access by foot and bike traffic and relieve demand for parking
• No loss of on-street parking in the area


Murthy Koti, PE