The City of Omaha is offering homeowners a chance to make long-term savings in the reEnergize Program. Open to all homeowners within the city limits of Omaha, the reEnergize Program can cover up to half the cost of energy upgrades that are recommended through a professional energy evaluation. Evaluations are performed by qualified and local energy evaluators. Energy upgrades are implemented by qualified and vetted local contractors. Energy upgrades could include replacing an energy efficient air conditioner furnace or water heater, adding insulation in walls attic or basement, and sealing your home for drafts and leaks, new lighting, storm windows, and a number of other energy upgrades that represent the most cost effective upgrades. Window and door replacements are not qualified upgrades.

reEnergize also offers financing to help participants meet the costs of making upgrades. Qualifying participants can enter the low and moderate income path where a $100 total program cost can get up to $3,000 worth of the most cost effective upgrades. Additionally, the reEnergize Program offers a Commercial and Non-Profit Program. Building owners within the city limits receive FREE energy evaluation and advising services ($6,500 value). To learn more about the various opportunities to save energy in your home or building please visit

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