The City of Omaha is looking to improve conditions along 24th Street. The plan will cover the area from “L” Street to Leavenworth. This project will provide a complete street which will rebalance the street and provide better road safety for all users whether they choose to drive, ride a bicycle, or walk. Creating a complete 24th Street will involve reconfiguring the travel lanes in order to provide a dedicated two-way left turn lane in the center of the road for motorists to turn safely and to accommodate the addition of bike lanes. This will also create better visibility for motorists exiting driveways or turning onto 24th Street and deters speeding which provides better safety for all road users. This treatment is commonly referred to as a Road Diet. Keep an eye out for this road diet that will soon help make it safer to drive along 24th Street, provide more transportation options and encourage a more bikeable, and walkable Omaha!

24th Street Road Conversion Flyer