Click to purchase a raffle ticket for the SOLD OUT Emerging Terrain Elevate event on June 3.  Only 50 raffle tickets at $10/each will be sold.  The drawing will be held on May 18 and the winners announced via Facebook and notified via email.

50 tickets @ $10 = your last chance to get tickets to this sold out event.

Emerging Terrain has created Elevate, an epic community gathering on the 36th Street bridge within the I-80 corridor, and in full view of the entire bannered elevator (new banners were put up in the past two weeks, have you seen them?). Twenty teams of designers and foodies are designing and constructing unique, one-of-a-kind ‘elevation stations’ that will line the bridge to accommodate 25 people at a time for 5-courses comprised of the freshest ingredients grown and raised locally.

Tickets sold out at up to $150   All ticket proceeds went directly to the design, construction, and orchestration of the stations.

Your winning pair will be assigned a sequence of stations, with careful consideration of menus and overall experience. You will receive one-of-a-kind tickets after winning that will direct you throughout the day. If you wish to bring someone under 18 years-old.

Please be aware that the day will consist of a lot of walking and standing, to take in both the unique location of the event, and everything the stations have to offer.

Emerging Terrain is committed to supporting the neighborhoods that experience the bridge everyday.  Emerging Terrain has listened to, worked with, and supported the ongoing relationship with South Omaha neighborhoods of Burlington Road and Hanscom Park.  This is their gift back to those neighbors.  This raffle and all the proceeds will go to community betterment projects directly in the immediate area.

Thanks to Secret Penguin and Big Wheel Brigade for their support and SONA is proud to take part in this unique, one-time event.