In a collaborative effort with Metro bus service and ModeShift Omaha, on March 6,
2012, the Omaha City Council is placing a resolution on the City Council agenda to
promote a “Ride the Bus to Work Day” in the month of March. Project sponsor,
Councilmember · Chris Jerram, said “Councilmembers are encouraging Omaha
businesses and citizens to utilize public modes of transportation as an inexpensive,
convenient and viable form of transportation in Omaha”.

Councilmember Jerram states, “the Metro transit bus system offers Omaha citizens a mode of transportation that is a critical link to jobs, economic expansion and quality of life in our community. At a time when gas prices are rising sharply, it saves money and wear and tear on vehicles, while reducing traffic congestion and air pollution”.

The Omaha City Council encourages community and business leaders to work with
their employees through the use of publicity or incentives, as well as encourage other associates and friends, to use the Metro public transportation through the month of March and show the rest of the country that a united city can make a difference.

To demonstrate their commitment, all members of the City Council are participating in “Ride the Bus to Work” on Tuesday, March 13, 2012. They have numerous committee meetings and a formal Council meeting on that day and their routes to work are from seven sectors of the City.