At the SONA Awards Banquet on June 7th we will honor an outstanding volunteer and project that best represents SONA’s mission. It is a special time for us to give something back to the individual or organization that have dedicated them selves to the betterment of South Omaha. I am sure that most of these individuals will tell you they do not want any recognition, but there is nothing wrong with giving them a good old fashion pat-on-the-back for a job well done. And our Awards Banquet is perfect opportunity for us to do so. And all we need is a nomination from you.

So, what I am hoping for is a flood of nominations for a project or an individual that need this well deserved pat-on-the-back. I know without a doubt that each of you in your organization has a project or someone deserving of recognition. Someone who has produced more than expected. Well, please take some time, and fill out the nomination ballot (it only takes a minute), and let us know who they are and some information about them. So, that hopefully by the 30th of April our committee will have more nominations than we know how to handle.

I have attached 2 forms for you to use. The instructions are on the forms. Please include as much information as you can. When they are completed either mail or email them back to me (or call me and I will pick them up.) And, as ever, if you have any questions you may call me at 402-651-6963 almost any time. (I am usually asleep by 10 pm.)

Thank you for your help.

Duane Brooks

SONA Award Nomination – Outstanding Volunteer Revised 2-12

SONA Award Nomination – Project of Merit revised 2-12