The forecast calls for rain throughout the day transitioning to a rain / snow mix around midnight.  Very heavy snow is expected to start tomorrow around 3:00 am and continue until 11:00 am.  Light snow is expected for Saturday afternoon and evening, ending before midnight.  The forecasted quantities are eight inches of wet heavy snow in the morning which will compact to around six inches.  Another inch may fall during the period of light snow in the evening.

Crews will be in at midnight tonight.  They will monitor the streets and the weather.  De-icing and plowing will begin when necessary; we expect that to be around 3:00 am.  During the extremely heavy accumulating snow, city forces will remain on the major routes throughout the morning.  Multiple trucks will be plowing in tandem on most routes.

The contractors will start at 6:00 am.  They will be assigned to secondary routes.  These routes serve as neighborhood collectors.  The contractors will remain on these routes until the heavy accumulating snow stops around noon.  They will then move into residentials.

People may see that some residential streets are plowed and others are not.  These are the secondary routes.  They may be reported as missed streets but it is simply part of the operational plan.

Work in residential areas is planned to start around noon on Saturday.  At this time, we do not plan to declare a snow emergency

If it is necessary to pick up snow from Dodge Street and downtown, this will start Sunday after midnight and continue throughout the day.

Since the snow is expected to continue all day Saturday, final clean up will not start until early Sunday morning.  We estimate that all residential streets  will have at least one pass cleared by Sunday noon.  We estimate that the operation will be complete by Monday noon.

As always, if the forecast changes or the storm plays out differently, we will adjust the plan.