From Public Works by way of Council Chris Jerram.  Thanks Councilman for thinkin of residents!

The forecasts are in close agreement on tomorrow’s event.
Light rain may begin after midnight. This transitions to snow around 6:00 am.
The heaviest period of snow will be mid-day, ending around 6:00 pm.
We expect this to be a wet, heavy snow.
Gusty winds could be a problem tomorrow evening.
Flurries may continue until midnight.

We will have six and a foreman in each yard tonight until midnight tonight. They will monitor road conditions and have the brine trucks ready for the am crew.
Full crews will report at midnight. They will treat the majors with liquid until accumulating snow begins. We will then switch to granular. Plowing will begin when conditions dictate. The operation will likely continue through Monday.

The residential contractors have been told to stand-by. Its likely we will bring them in tomorrow after the accumulating snow ends. That could be from 6:00 pm to midnight tomorrow.

We will consider a snow emergency that would go into affect on Sunday. We’ll make that call tomorrow. The snow emergency would run thru Monday.

Based on the forecast, City Streets will be in poor condition throughout the day tomorrow; drivable but very sloppy. Conditions should improve considerably on Sunday as the operation proceeds. We will be cleaning up residentials on Monday; the majors should be fine for the Monday morning rush.