As part of the lead soil abatement program currently underway in Omaha there is a list of multiple property landowners who are on the short list for action by the EPA. The landlord list gives contact information for these citizens.  The EPA will shortly issues orders to comply which could lead to fines in excess of $30,000/day of non-compliance.  We would like to see that avoided.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is currently attempting to contact each of the listed property owners via the telephone.  The purpose of the calls is to ask if the property owners are willing to have their properties sampled for lead.  If they agree, access agreements are being prepared and provided for signature.  In the event that a property owner continues to deny access then an Administrative
Order will be sent to those property owners denying access.

Please review the list and see if you can help by contacting or making the land owner aware of the pending discussion.

If you need more information you can view the EPA page or email Pauletta France-Isetts at

SONA is hoping that all neighbors will allow access to their property to test for high lead levels to make our neighborhoods safer.